There are a few types of tabs that you can use on your product pages, usually a mix of them at the same time:

  • dynamic tabs - when you need different types of content for each product, based on the content you already have in your product descriptions;
  • static tabs - when you want to add the same tab with information to more products at once;
  • the reviews tab - when you also use our Product Reviews app and want to show them in a separate tab as well.

Let's discuss them in detail:

A. Dynamic Tabs

Dynamic tabs are generated automatically based on content of your product description. They are usually used for bits of information specific for various products, such as ingredients, materials, tech specs,.

Creating dynamic tabs is easy:

1. decide on a heading type that you want to use as separator, that will also contain the name of your tabs. The default option from the Description Tabs is H4, you can use anything else (H3, H5, etc.).


2. Edit your product description in Shopify and create a substitle after the description and above the section you want in a different tab.


3. Select the subtitle, apply the heading and save the product. Make sure you only select the subtitle, not the content after it.


4. That's it, you have a dynamic tab created. You can do the same for all your products that have specific ideas you want to present in separate tabs.


B. Static Tabs

We call them Static Tabs as they don't change based on the product description. Site-wide details such as Shipping or Returns or collection-specific details such as sizing chats (different for T-shirts, shoes or coats) can be easily presented using a Static Tab. You can even create a static tab that can be applied to a few specific products, without modifying their product descriptions.

Creating Static Tabs is easy: you can add the tab title, its description and selecting where to show. You can upload pictures or even see the source HTML code, if you need to add a specific snippet.


C. The Reviews Tab

You can easily show the reviews from VITALS' Product Reviews app in a custom tab, and even show the star rating in the tab title. Just toggle on the settings and we apply this automatically for your.