Volume Discounts Groups

1. If you want to create a Volume Discount Group, select the Create Group button and set your preferences. The Group name will be visible only in your admin page. The Title and Background Colors will be effective for the Volume Discounts shown on your site.

2. You can pick here on what kind of products you want to display the volume discounts, depending on your preferences: handpicked products, collection, vendor or product type. 

3. Set the type of discount you want for your volume discounts from either percent or fixed price. 

4. Add your tiers. 

5. Choose the theme you want to be displayed on your page. 

6. Save your changes and go back to the volume discount list.

7. You can enable/disable or erase a group as shown in the image: 


Global Volume Discounts

1. Enable Global Volume Discounts and select the Discount type. Then add your tiers according to your preferences. 

2. Select your title, display preferences and themes.

3. Save your changes. 



1. You can choose pages where you don't want to add volume discounts. You can set them here: 

2. Make sure you have you app enabled in order to see the bundles you create live.

3. If your language page is other than English, you can choose to translate the Volume Discounts elements.